Gul Sanamee Lyircs + Translation – Farhad Darya

by Waqas Sikandari on March 14, 2012 · 0 comments

Gul sanam-e gul sanamey, gul sanamey [6X)

Chi ze de wakam da toro stergo dedanona,
Rawoza O gul sanamey yaar de boley, rowza

Khula de dukan da pataso da, Wai Rawewza
Wor achawali da sro shondo Qolfoona, rawoza

Khalak kho yaie pa yaran de, way rawaza
Janan pa mo pasie topakey garzawena, rawoza

Za chi Sledeli jame garzam, way rawaza
Za da janan de Kotse spay Khwarralai yem, rawoza

Gul sanamey gul sanamey , way rawaza
Chi ze de wakam da toro stargo dedanona, wai rawoza



Come out, my pair
Let me see a glimpse of your shiners
I am beating all over with prayer,
Come out, my pair

Your mouth is a candy store
You have locked it by your scarled lips

People assume we are bosom friends
My love, they are carrying gun behind my back

I walk around in tatterd clothes
(Because) The Dog of my love’s streets has bitten me

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