Lewanthob Lyrics and Translation- Ghag The Band

by Waqas Sikandari on August 7, 2014 · 5 comments

Lyrics & Translation:

Ay da lewaniyano, ay da lewaniyano neeka munz kha ka masti kha da
O Master of the passionate! Worship is good or mischief is better?

Husan joredal kha di ka husan parasti kha da
Becoming beauty is good or admiring beauty is better?

Kha da masti kha da, wae kha da masti kha da khu zra pak laka aeena ghwari
Better! Mischief is better! but it needs a heart pure like a mirror

Da daryab azmol da samandar omra seena ghwari
To swallow this river one needs the vigor of a sea

Husan joredal da banda ishq da kamal dai
Becoming beauty is to be someone’s love which is masterful

Tor da gham daryab ki soor khumar da da wisal dai
In a black river of sorrow, red intoxication is of separation

Nu ay zama bachiya, nu ay zama bachiya da jananey meena la kha da
So O my child! The love of the beloved is much better

Noom ye khkulay la kha dai, jalwa ye rangeena la kha da
The beautiful name is too good; the colored charisma is good too

Ay da lewaniyano, ay da lewaniyano neeka husan kha ka wafa kha da
O Master of the passionate! beauty or loyality is better?

Barkha da majnoon kha da ka barkha da laila kha da
The part of the lover is good or part of the beloved is better?

Wae ay zama bachiya, wae ay zama bachiya da dilbar da khuley hawa kha da
They say O my child! The breeze off the sweetheart’s mouth is best

Yakha narma la kha da ao taiza garma la kha da
Cool, gentle is too good; blazing, sharp is good too

Tao da yaar da makh luppata sra rangeena la kha da
The veil on the darling’s face is too good red colored

Zyara kha da, tora kha da, taka speena la kha da
Yellow is good, black is good, it is better as shining white too

Nu ay zama bachiya,nu ay zama bachiya, husan kha de hum wafa kha da
So O my child! beauty is good, so is loyalty

Barkha da majnun kha da,hum barkha da laila kha da
The part of the lover is best, so is the beloved’s

Kha da faqeeri neeka ka kha daira Dunya kha da
So is sainthood great O sage! or the [material] world is very good?

Gul da sanobar kha ka qala’a da mehbooba kha da
The flower of a pine tree is good or the castle of darling is better?

Nu ay zma bachiya,nu ay zma bachiya, soor oqaab la da ghra sir kha de
So O my child! for a red eagle, the mountain peak is best

Gul dai sanobar la kha ao gul la sanobar kha dai
A flower is good for a pine tree and for the flower, pine tree is better

Jaam la qalaray ao samandar la tufan khwand kawi
For a [wine] goblet, relaxation and for sea, gale is desirable

stargo la masti khwand kri ao zra la arman khwand kawee
For eyes, mischief suits and for heart, desire is desirable

Nu ay zama bachiya, nu ay zama bachiya faqeeri kha da, Dunya kha da
So O my child! [Spiritual] sainthood is good, this world is good

Takhth da Sulieman kha dai, jungara da Essa kha da
Throne of Solomon is great, hut of Jesus is great

Mashra lewaniya waziri ka jail khana kha da
O great philosopher! Ministry or jail is better?

kha mei khpal larookay dai, ka qarz topkhana kha da
my own self defence(by small sickle) is good or a rented arsenal is better?

Nu ay zama bachiya, nu ay zama bachiya yaar jarolo la saahra kha da
O my child ! To cry for love , the desert is best

Takhth da rakeeb kha naday, takooray da laila kha dai
The throne of opponent [villain] is not good, torture(by little nose stud) of the beloved is great

Dost yazeed kha naday, shaheed da karbala kha dai
Friend of Yazeed [evil] is not good, Martyr of Karbala [righteousness] is great

Waak ye che da bal v da de nar na zanana kha da
Dependent on others, feminist is better than such machismo

Nu ay zama baciya, nu ay zama bachiya waziri na jail khana kha da
So O my child ! Jail is better than [such] ministry

Barkha da majnun kha da,hum barkha da laila khada
The part of the lover is best, so is the beloved’s

Lewanthob Lyrics
Singer: Nazia Iqbal
Contribution : Laila

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1 muneer shah August 8, 2014 at 4:27 pm

weldon brothr,
thanks for posted Ghani khan kalam with translation, please try more


2 sk August 9, 2014 at 6:26 pm

I don’t like your translations! They aren’t precise !


3 Waqas Sikandari August 10, 2014 at 12:26 pm

You can always help me dear 🙂


4 Shahid Khan Alizai March 23, 2015 at 4:04 am


Can someone please write the lyrics and translation for the song Khukely Qabail de by Mohsin Dawar


5 Rabia March 14, 2016 at 10:07 pm

Loved them, thanks for the lyrics, ghani khan is love


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