Humayun Khan Songs Lyrics


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1:  Tora Baram Khana Nawaba 

2: Sta Pa Toro Sanro Ke 

3: Starge Zalimane De

4: Larsha Pekhawar Ta Kamiz Tor Mala Rawra


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    1. Hi Sara! i ll do that in a few days… keep visiting.. Meanwhile if you know lyrics of any pashto song please email that to us using the form from above. ll really appreciate that..:p

      1. Thanks, will do, Im really looking forward to the translation. .seems like such an amazing song. Thanks for your help 🙂

  1. Hi, pls transate sardar takkar’s song ZAMA KHKULAY JANANA ZAR SHAMA TANA in english. I can’t find the translation anywhere. Thanks for your help.

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