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1: Shrang Da Panzeeb Dhe

2: Oo Peera 

3: Laal Qalandara

4: Awal Ba Kala Kala Gham Wo

5: Yaara Zama

6: Kala Na Kala Saat Dha Jaan Kawa

7: Tor Orbal Rakhor Ka 

8: Da Sta Pa Ishq Ke

9: Wakht Da Makham De Guley Ro Ro

10: Shinwari Lawangeena

11: Zaar Sham Maida

12: Mama Dey

13: Gul Jana

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11 thoughts on “Rahim Shah Songs Lyrics – Pashto Lyrics”

  1. assalam o alaiykum
    i hope everybody will be feeling well.
    i need this song’s pashto lyrics and as well as english translation
    song= jinay sama patasa
    singer=rahim shah & GulPanra
    need= pashto lyrics with english translation
    i hope you will upload this song’s lyrics and translation soon as soon on your website
    thank you so much…
    God bless you!

  2. Hi there,
    This is a very nice effort of writing all lyrics in Pushto. Please can we also get the translation in english or urdu as well? If yes, please translate Janan by Hadiqa Kiani & Irfan Khan. You can send me the translation on my email or post it here as you like.

    Kind Regards,
    Bilal Saeed Khan.

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