Farzana Naz


Farzana Naz, in Kabul, Afghanistan is an Afghan female artist originating from Logar. She sings mainly Pashto songs and made her first songs in Pakistan, due to the unstable situation in Afghanistan. Her mother speaks Dari and her father speaks Pashto. Her songs Paighla De Kabul was the biggest hit inside Afghanistan in 2010.

After giving interviews at Pashto entertainment channels like Shamshad TV and Khaybar she became more noticeable. She has performed in many places throughout her life including Iran. Farzana’s most talked about concert was her concert in Lashkar Gah, Helmand. 12,000 people attended the concert and was hailed as a success by local authorities. However, the local Deputy Governor was sacked after tribal leaders got angry, saying he shouldn’t have let an Afghan woman without head scarves sing on stage.

After her song, Shamal got released, Farzana was showered with good responses. This turning point in her career made her decide to work harder and improve further. Her latest hit was ‘Lah Lah’ featuring Taher Shabab. Her next release will be her first Dari song and another Pashto song.

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