Ghazala Javed


Ghazala Javed (غزاله جاويد) (January 1, 1988[2] – June 18, 2012) was a Pakistani female singer of Pashto music from Swat Valley. She began singing since 2004 and was “popular with young, progressive ethnic Pashtuns in northwest Pakistan. Her music was famous not only in Pakistan but also in neighboring Afghanistan and among Pashtuns around the world.

Ghazala was born on 1 January 1988 in Swat Valley of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in Pakistan. In late 2007, the Pakistani Taliban were strengthening their grip in Swat so the young Ghazala and her family fled to the city of Peshawar. They settled in Peshawar and Ghazala began her singing career, subsequently recorded the songs “Baran dy baran dy” and “Lag rasha kana”. Later in her career, she sang more melodious songs and became known amongst the Pashtun people of Pakistan, Afghanistan and those living abroad.

She began appearing in stage-shows in Dubai and Kabul where she earned $12,000 to $15,000 per night for singing at wedding parties. According to Radio Kabul director Abdul Ghani Mudaqiq, “She was paid more than any other Pashtun artist—male or female—in Kabul… She was our most requested and popular Pashto singer.” Her songs “Za lewaney da mena”, “Za da cha khqula ta fikar wari yem”, and “Mena ba kawo Janana mena ba kawo” had a positive critical reception. She was nominated for a Filmfare Award in 2010 and received a Khyber Award in 2011

Ghazala, along with her father, was shot dead in a drive-by shooting by gunmen on a motorcycle. On 16 December 2013 Swat District and Sessions Court found her former husband, Jahangir Khan guilty of killing her and her father and awarded him two death sentences along with 70 million Rs in fines. On 22 May 2014 the Peshawar High Court set aside the sentence on the basis of compromise between the heirs of the two victims and Jehangir Khan.

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