Hashmat Ehsanmand


Hashmat Ehsanmand, was born in the beautiful city of Kabul on  15th July 1978. His father was an engineer and his mother used to work in Radio Afghanistan. He was a clever kid and the youngest. He started to learn how to write and read when he was only four years old. When his father realized the this fact, he took him to school. He was refused to join because he was only four. He had to wait another two years before he could go to school. He started writing poems when he was in his 2nd class. In the meanwhile, he was taken to Afghanistan TV by his mother, who was working for Afghanistan TV at that time, to take part in programs for children. He was then selected by the directors to join Afghan Film and later Shafaq Film Production. He appeared in 5 Afghan movies before he had to leave his country and go to India.

India, which is a familiar place to everyone, is the land of culture, art and music, Just like Afghanistan. He went to Lovely Public School and later to Jamia Millia Islamia University for continuation of his studies. In the meanwhile, he joined Laxmi Maha Vedhiale to learn the basics of music. Ustad Yousuf Khan used to love his voice. He was graduated from Jamia Millia Islamia in the year 1995 and went back to Afghanistan before making his way towards London. His first ever public appearance was a concert for Afghan refugees in London on the first day of Eid-ul-Fiter. He proved himself in just two hours and the crowd just could not stop admiring him. He has had quite a few volunteer concerts for Afghans since he came to London. His very first commercial concert was launched by his brother Mr Rohullah Ehsanmand on the 19th day of March 1999, which was great. Once again his fame spread everywhere and people were desperate to get his latest video album. His second concert was in London on the 20th march 2000 and again, he was as great as he was expected to be. His fame was spreading wider around the world among the Afghan people.

When his fame spread wider, Afghan people and fans in Germany were willing to see him live in the concert, thus, he was then invited to Germany Bermann city. He was surrounded by fans that did not let him come off the stage.  When he was about to sing the last song of the night, he sang one, the crowd did not let him come down, he, then, sang another one and he sang eleven last songs during that night in concert. He had a concert in Berlin as well. He hired a small place thinking that no one knows him, so spending much money on a bigger hall would just be wastage of money. He guessed it right, Only 19 people turned up in his concert, but as soon as he sang the first song, some people got out of the hall. I could still remember the disappointed look on his face. But those nineteen people invited their friends and families to the concert and later within two hours the hall was full and tickets ran out. He, then, suggested that the gates should be wide open for the fans to come in. Five hundred people turned up in a place where only 300 people would fit.

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