Naseer & Shahab


Naseer & Shahab (Urdu: نصیر اور شاہاب‬‎) is a Pakistani soft alternative rock band from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Formed in 2010, the band rose to stardom with their debut single “Za Pukhtoon Yam”. The band is a duo of Naseer Afridi, who is a lead vocalist, musician and songwriter, and Shahab Qamar, a producer, director and web designer. Naseer & Shahab release singles independently, in mainly Pashtu language, propelled to international success by social media, Naseer & Shahab’s four singles “Za Pukhtoon Yam” (2012), “Za Sta Pashan Na Yam” (2012), “Meray Yaar” (2012) and “Ghalti Mein Shta” (2014), tops many charts and made them most influential and first Pashtu rock band of Pakistan.[1]

For their work, they have received a nomination of Best Radio Rock Band at Radio 91 Awards, Best Emerging Band at 12th Lux Style Awards. For “Ghalti Mein Shta” duo received two nominations including Best Music Video and Best Music Single with the former winning for Shahab.