Tahir Shabab


Tahir Shubab the son of Raf Noori (Persian/Pashto: طاهر شباب), also spelled as Taher Shubab and ‘ , is a singer from Afghanistan. He is based in Frankfurt, Germany. Tahir Shubab’s brother Sediq Shubab is also an artist.

Tahir Shubab was born in Jalalabad, in the nangarhar Province of Afghanistan. His Family hails from Panjsher,[1] in the Kohistan/Parwan region of Afghanistan. After completing his first two years of school in Jalalabad, Tahir’s family moved to Kabul for education and later moved to Ghazni. After spending two years in Ghazni, he returned to Kabul and there completed his education at the Music Lyceum. Tahir first gained popularity in 1983 with his song Baaz Ham Afghani Asti. He has since recorded over 40 songs in Persian, Pashto, and Urdu. The Shubab brothers’ became famous by singing in Pashto, since they mostly sing in Pashtoo

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